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Go Tonight Froghead Grill, site updates

posted Feb 7, 2012, 5:54 AM by Greg Smith
Go tonight 6:30pm at Froghead Grill just off of Springridge Rd in Clinton.

Group Buy with Yutopian and Kiseido is still ongoing. Let me know if you want to save on shipping and help CMGO at the same time! There are lots of great books and equipment available from both vendors!

I've revamped the Learning page to include some great ways to learn go starting from the very beginning. It now includes an interactive tutorial, videos, children's comic, and a booklet. Choose whichever way suits you!

The Beginner's Go Glossary now includes a "Level 2". If you've learned the first set of go terms, now's the time to learn Moyo, Hane, Sente, and more.

We're gearing up for our first meeting on the Coast in the next week or two. If you know anyone on the coast that wants to learn, please let me know.

Sweet and Sour has new boards and glass stones available. Get'em before the sell out again.