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Great First Meeting!

posted Nov 1, 2011, 9:22 PM by Greg Smith

Our first meeting went very well. It was enough to get a few games going.

Here is the first game played at the club:
Future CMGO members Doss and Kirk play the first ever CMGO game.

We had attendance of 5. We even taught one person how to play. Here's the breakdown:
2 Experienced
2 Beginner/Intermediate
1 Learned Go at the club meeting.

We displayed the "We Play Go" sign while playing and handed out 3 flyers to restaurant patrons and ordered a total 4 meals.

In total, used a little bit of everything in the "Go Box", mostly: Capture Go tri-fold, 9x9 board, 9x9 giveaway, 9x9/13x13 reversible, 9x9 and 13x13 stone sets.

We played on a board that Kirk brought: first using CMGO stones, then his ING stones.

A great social experience! We chatted throughout the games, got to know about each other's history and our individual "Go journeys" (so far), taught Go to a new player and evangelized a very small amount to others.

We're expecting a slightly bigger turnout next week, so stay tuned. And join us if you can!