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Group Buy from Kiseido and Yutopian

posted Jan 30, 2012, 11:47 AM by Greg Smith
Let's all work together and order books from Kiseido and Yutopian!

I've made an arrangement with Yutopian and Kiseido for a group buy to benefit our club. Plus we can all share the shipping cost. Want just one book? Want more than that? Let me know! Graded Go Problems for Beginners are very well rated books for beginner through single digit kyu rating (you can view Volume 2 from our library). Kiseido-published books such as The Second Book of Go, Opening Theory Made Easy, and Tesuji are also well rated after reading your first book. Yutopian and Kiseido both have great books and great prices on equipment, so start picking. Don't miss out on other items such as fans, shirts, tie clips and mugs.

Email me a list of books and/or equipment and we'll arrange payment at an upcoming meeting (cash, check or charge).