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Interesting Stones, beyond black and white

posted Nov 27, 2011, 5:18 PM by Greg Smith
Tired of your simple black and white stones? Here are some others you can try, if you can find them. I cannot vouch for any of these vendors.

Option 1:

"Exotic SemiPrecious Go Stones". Most come with a 6-8 week wait and a high price tag ($400-$600). Beautiful pictures. I cannot vouch for this vendor!

Option 2:

"Flower Baduk Stones". Only found on Korean trade sites like ec21, tradekorea, gotradekorea. From a company called "Dream Entry".

Four colors available in either gloss (lustrous) or matte (lusterless). Well "available" is a small stretch. I haven't found these in the US.

These seem to be sold also as "One Color Go" where a single color of matte/gloss are used for either side. My brain hurts!

If you're bored with black and white, enjoy pining after these options!