The Central Mississippi Go Club was formed to teach and play the ancient game of Go in Central Mississippi. We host weekly game play meetings in Clinton, MS.

Everyone is welcome to come and play Go at our weekly meetings: Young and Old, Beginner to Expert. If you don't know how to play, we will be glad to teach you. It takes just a few minutes to learn.

If you enjoy the game and want to delve deeper, we highly recommend joining your local and national organizations.

Sign up at any of our events!

$10 Regular Full 1-Year Membership, support the Club!

$15  save  6% CMGO Deluxe 1-year membership, includes Beginner Go Kit

$30  save 14% CMGO Deluxe 2-year membership, includes Full Intermediate Go Kit

* AGA membership is not included *
CMGO Membership allows first-time AGA members a 50% discount on AGA membership, a savings of up to $30.

The Central Mississippi Go Club (CMGO) is a chapter of the American Go Association (AGA), the only chapter in Mississippi. While membership in the CMGO and AGA are separate, each provides significant benefits for the Go player wanting to learn, grow, and play.

CMGO, your local chapter:
   Discounted first-time AGA membership.
   Borrow Go Books from our Library.
   Enjoy weekly games face-to-face and other special events.

AGA, your national organization: 
   Receive the American Go E-Journal
   Play in rated tournaments
   Receive a Electronic Yearbook.

Special For New Members and New Players
   Save up to $30 in AGA membership dues by joining CMGO
   Beginner Go Kit only $5 with membership
   Intermediate Go Kit only $10 (save $5!) with 2-year membership 
   A Total Savings of up to $35!

CMGO Membership helps us pay for
   Annual Club Dues to AGA (this is separate from your individual AGA member dues!)
   Occasional Venue fees
   Go Sets for Club Play, for 9x9 and 13x13 play we use our Go Kits
   Costs for supplying materials
   Marketing, direct mail, flyers, print advertising, and display materials
   Additions to the CMGO Go Book Library