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Advertising and Announcements

posted Oct 14, 2011, 8:15 AM by Greg Smith   [ updated Oct 14, 2011, 8:15 AM ]
Low budget advertising includes:

Getting email list and/or address labels from AGA. I chose not to do postcards in the beginning, simply because of cost. Approximate about $0.70 per address (for cost of postcards and mailing).

MAKE SURE YOU USE "BCC:" not "To:" for email. This will hide other people's email addresses from recipients. Most email programs require one "To" address: use your own email address for the "To".

Find local pages and websites that contain events. Often associated with newspapers, look for all types: independent, free, and corporate (usually longstanding paper of record). Some will require signing up to submit, expect most weekly papers to require two week notice if they're going to actually print it.

Create the announcement.
Some websites have limits on number of words or letters. Here are the variations of the announcement that I've created for CMGO. There are two major variations: those for Go players who know Go, but not necessarily our location, and those for locals who know our general location, but not the game of Go. For advertisements, be sure to list who, what, and where (the general area). The name of CMGO happens to include the general location "Central Mississippi". If your name does not, you'll want to mention the specific area or city of your club. And include a link to your new website. And make sure your website has the locations and specifics at least for the first few meetings. The announcements are carefully constructed to be intriguing and informative in the first sentence. Remember people's low attention span, especially for unexpected email or notices.

Go Players Announcement (email and AGA E-Journal)

Subject: Announcing: Central Mississippi Go Club!

We start playing November 1st on Tuesdays in Clinton, MS.

Visit www.cmgo.org for all the details!

We're just west of Jackson, MS off of Springridge Road Exit near the Natchez Trace.

Spread the word: whenever you're in the area, please visit our website for the latest meeting places and times.

Come and play!

Greg Smith
Central Mississippi Go Club

Local Announcement (newspapers and websites)

Title: Play the Ancient Game of Go

Come for the fun, stay for the challenge! www.cmgo.org

Are you interested in playing the oldest game in the world?
If you enjoy Chess or even if you think those rules are too complicated, you will be intrigued by the ancient game of Go.
We will teach you the rules of Go in a few minutes. We meet in Clinton Tuesdays starting November 1st, right off of Springridge Road. Come play with us!
Central Mississippi Go Club meets Tuesdays at different locations in November.

Greg Smith
Central Mississippi Go Club

Local, 20 Words or Less

Title: Play the Ancient Game of Go

Come for the fun, stay for the challenge! www.cmgo.org

We'll teach you this ancient intriguing Chess-like board game in just a few minutes.


You can also start a facebook page, if you're savvy.