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Do-it-yourself Magnetic Demo Board, finding the right color

posted Jan 7, 2012, 7:33 AM by Greg Smith   [ updated Jan 7, 2012, 7:37 AM ]
I've been experimenting with small magnetic white boards suitable for tabletop . They are available at Walmart for $5 - $15 in sizes from 8x11 to 17x22. Larger boards get more expensive quickly. These will fit well with my 1.5-inch demonstration stones.

They come mostly in white and silver. The first step is to find the right base color. I chose spray paint for its ease of use. Home Depot carries (among others) Rustoleum brand spray paint. There were two potential colors: strawflower and summer squash.
I chose "SATIN" finish because I felt gloss might enhance glare. Lowes carries valspar brand and there was one potential color (in stock locally): Hubbell House Golden Maize.

These board pictures are a comparison against a slotted board that tends towards beige/brown and a Tibetan Spruce "Shin-Kaya" board from YMImports that tends toward a golden color. I really like the Shin-Kaya board and was trying to get similar to that.

The first picture is the strawflower, the second is the Hubbell House Golden Maize, and the third is the Hubbell House Golden Maize and the summer squash. Again, the Shin-Kaya board is the same board in each picture.

Pictures are not good for getting colors correct because of the changing light and exposure, so I use the same reference Shin-Kaya board for each picture. To my eye, the strawflower is too biege, and the summer squash is too yellow.

The overall winner? valspar brand Hubbell House Golden Maize.