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"Go Box" contents

posted Nov 1, 2011, 9:07 PM by Greg Smith   [ updated Nov 1, 2011, 9:07 PM ]
To prepare for the first meeting, I feel like I need to be prepared to both play the game and evangelize for Go. I am prepared for both. Here is my "Go Box" that I intend for storing the materials and taking to meetings to make it feel as professional and organized as I can.

Here is a checklist of the Go Box contents:

6 Capture Go Trifold
6 9x9 giveaway boards/rules (8.5x11 standard paper)
6 AGA Membership Forms
1 Club Signup/email/library sheet

2 standard sets of stones
   Broken up into 4 sets each (8 total) for 9x9 play.
   Separated into Ziplock snack bags.

Printed boards:
4 9x9/13x13 reversible boards
1 19x19 board (slotted)

"Bowls" consist of the Ziplock SmartSnap "XS Bowl" 8oz.
   This holds (smallish) single-color stones for 13x13.
   And easily holds the 9x9 set.

19x19 "bowls" are the ziplock SmartSnap "S Square" 20oz.

Backup stones and 19x19 board
   (just in case. this was an 1970's era set bought at a garage sale)

"Go Library" books (six total)

Tabletop letter-size acrylic holder, 2-sided:
   Side 1: Customized "We Play Go" flyer.
   Side 2: Membership and payment information

Copies of "Way To Go"

Pens, Sharpies, Folders

Any tub that works for you and is big enough is great. I chose this size because it fits the slotted board, and it fits my (very small) car:
Sterilite 10-Gallon Stacker Tote Nickel Driftwood