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This chart compares the Go Kit Club Pack offered here with the AGF store "Club Classic" stones and reversible beginner vinyl board.
Go Kit Club Pack
with Stones
9x9 Vinyl Board and Club Classic Stones
Board Material Laminated Paper Vinyl
Board is 13x13 & 9x9 reversible Yes Yes
Stones Plastic Chips
22mm x 1mm
Plastic single convex
22mm x 7mm
Bowls Includes Small Plastic bowls and lids. Only includes half the bowls/lids needed.
Availability Everyone Only approved programs 
Cost $7 total per set when bought per seven $4+shipping per set when bought in pairs
Shipping Included Extra
I have every reason to believe the shipping is reasonable, so when buying quantity 7, the cost will likely be similar. If you have an approved program, I recommend:
Get the Free Classroom Starter Set from the AGF and supplement it with either the Go Kit Club Pack or AGF Stones/Reversible 9x9 board (If you purchase the AGF stones, be prepared to get extra bowls, perhaps these Ziploc Smart Snap XS Bowls).